Isofam Company was established in 1983 in Tehran to produce building materials.
Relying on long history and considerable experience in the import of raw material for wood products, the company initially invested in this particular sector of construction and in Shams Abad Industrial zone to produce melamine faced MDF and particleboard.
With the increase of workload on a daily basis, and as a result of high quality and high demand for the products, the company was expanded in 2009, and a new production line, and tripled the initial manufacturing capacity.

Consequently, the company received 2 national standard licenses in 2009 for production of melamine faced MDF and melamine faced particleboard.
Following the arrangements and plans made, and with the efforts of over 200 hard-working staff members of Isofam, the company carried out the expansion plan of the factory to increase the production capacity. To gain this aim, the factory was expanded in the aforesaid industrial zone on a 90.000 m2 plot for manufacturing and covered storage area totally 40.000 square meters.
Considering the ever-increasing influence of science and industry in our lives, and the need of the society to apply such advancements, this company also pursues its goals to increase the national production capacity in order to meet this need. Thus, we commenced the second phase of the expansion plan, increased the manufacturing capacity, improved the quality of our products, and new production lines to manufacture laminate parquet flooring and edge banding.
Currently, following the provision of required financial resources, all the production lines of HDF laminate flooring and PVC edge banding is of the well known brands that are imported, installed and. The company has obtained Iranian National Standard License for these products thanks to the efforts made by the hardworking staff. Therefore, Isofam has been successfully planning and achieving its goals in supplying market demands for the products required in wood industry and other related products.
Isofam Foreign Purchase Department is active in supplying and providing raw materials and wooden products at its full scale.

Report on social responsibilities in Isofam

Isofam Company, aware of its duties towards the society and using the ideas of its founder, in carrying out activities related to social responsibilities, has a forward-looking, patriotic and emphasizing altruism, positive impact. It has an impact on the environment and the health of the family, while we believe that the stability and strength of a healthy society can be achieved by reducing the concerns of the needy and helping the poor, mental health and general peace and comfort, so Isofam has always played a significant role in terms of its social responsibility.

Field of activity in the field of products